Our First Facebook Winner!

Last week I ran an impromptu contest to see who could be the 100th follower of our fan page on Facebook. The winner was couture cutie Felicia Smith!

Felicia, I would like to personally thank you for supporting the blog and its efforts. To show appreciation I will be sending you a gift. I love to read and encourage others to do so as well so I will be sending a copy of the book "Bitch Is The New Black" by Helena Andrews. I hope  you enjoy the book!

If you're not already a friend on Facebook, please become one today! There will be many more contests and give aways in the future. Missed out on the opportunity to win? There is still a chance for you to enter and win the Twitter follower contest. Once we reach 500 friends on Twitter the contest will officially open. We still have a ways to go so make sure you encourage all your friends to follow! Click here for details on the rules for the Twitter contest.

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