Make Up Looks: Yellow

Here is a look that I did this past weekend. I went to a football game (it was the Superbowl for the KLM 95lb team) and wanted to have the ultimate team spirit. What better way than to have black and yellow eyeshadow...no?!?

The main color on the lid is MAC's "chrome yellow". I also used an NYX jumbo pencil as a base for the yellow to pop. Initially I used black bean but it was too dark. So in the future I will use "milk" the white pencil.

I think I'm going to do a tutorial on this look as well. Again, if you have any questions on products or techniques used, make sure you comment and let me know. Or send me an email to mycouturelounge@gmail.com

Hope you like!

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Kimesha said...

Love this color on you! Very pretty