What's In a Ring? Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William finally proposed to long time girlfriend Kate Middleton. I'm so excited. This means there is going to be a royal wedding and I can only imagine what the gown is going to look like. To seal the deal he presented her with an 18 carat, oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. This is the same ring that his father, Prince Charles, presented to his late mother for their engagement.

Ummmm...ok...I have a few thoughts about this here ring. I think the ring is gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. I love sapphires, its my birthstone. But I honestly don't think I would have wanted this particular ring for my engagement.

It is my understanding that rings, be it engagement or wedding are meant to be symbols. Anything symbolic has a specific meaning to me. When I see a wedding or engagement ring I think of love, honesty, trust, commitment, etc. We are all very well aware of the fate of their relationship and why it ended. If I were Kate I would be thinking, "I know what marriage and fidelity meant to your father...what does it mean to you?" If you're going to give me a ring that your father gave to your mother, I would hope that your parents were the shining example of what you hope marriage to be. I don't want a symbol of love to come from a place that was full of lies, secrets and infidelity. I don't care how beautiful or how much the ring costs. I understand he wanted to give a family heirloom of sorts, and his mother is one of the most important female influences in his life. I'm sure there is another ring from her personal collection of jewelry that he could have given to her as an engagement ring.

Am I over analyzing the situation? What do you all think? Comment and let me know!


vonnie said...

I completely feel you with the symbolism of the ring...if you are giving me a ring that your dad gave your mom then: A. it must be gorgeous (check) B. and they MUST have a marriage that we want to emulate (definitely no check there)

Call me superstitious, but I wouldn't want the same fate that their marriage had.

Candice Olivia said...

If you're superstitious then I am as well. I would think that my marriage would suffer the same fate.