Make Up Tip of the Day!


Hello my couture cuties. I just wanted to drop in and give you a quick tip for when you are applying your eyeshadow.

Have you ever  had a problem with color distribution and intensity of your eyeshadow? Here is something that I have learned along the way to help with that. The solution is not only the type of make up brush  you use to apply the color but the manner in which you apply the color.

Whenever you want to intensify a color and really pack it on the lid you should PAT the color onto the lid. The best brushes to do so are flat shader brushes like a MAC 239 or 252 or something similar.

To achieve a light wash of color (best when blending colors) you should WIPE the color onto the lid. The best brushes to use when washing a color on the lid are fluffy blending brushes like a MAC 224 or 226.

So remember when you pack you pat and when you wash you wipe!

I hope this helps! If you ever have a make up question feel free to ask. You can email me your questions to mycouturelounge@gmail.com

*Peace Love & Couture*

**Disclaimer*** I don't only use MAC make up brushes. It is just an easy way to reference numbers because many women do use MAC brushes. I also have brushes from Sephora, ELF, Beauty Essentials and Sonia Kashuk. Just keep them clean and take care of them.

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