Full Time Fabulous...No Days Off

After watching the Beyonce concert special after Thanksgiving dinner last week I fell in love again. She's absolutely amazing. Stunning beauty with or without make up. She is full time fabulous! I mean who tours Egypt with a beat face and heels and sings Ave Maria in a pyramid?

She is always on point. She doesn't have to be wearing make up. She doesn't have to be wearing heels. Her hair doesn't have to be down to her butt and full of curls (although I love that look). But one thing you know for sure is that she doesn't take any days off on being fabulous.

With that being said my friend Jada and I are on a mission to be full time fabulous! We want to make sure that when we step it we are giving our BEST!

So make sure you follow us on twitter @MsCandiceOlivia @_MetroChic @MyCoutureLounge and use #FullTimeFabulous and #nodaysoff. Send us twit pics and let us know that you're on point everyday.

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