Holiday Gift Ideas: Men's Watches

My godfather always told me never trust a man that doesn't wear a watch. A man without a watch is a sign of a man that has nowhere to be. I was much younger when he told me that and thought it was silly but now I agree. I often find myself looking at a man's wrist to see if he's wearing a watch.

It just so happens that my honey needs a new watch and I've been trying to decide which one to get him. My guy changes accessories like he changes his shirts so it really doesn't matter what style watch I decide to get him. However, if you're shopping for a guy that normally doesn't wear a watch or wears minimal accessories you should put some thought into the type of watch that you buy.

Some brands that I like for men's watches:
  • Fossil
  • Diesel
  • Skagen
  • D&G
Here are some questions you should ask yourself when purchasing a men's timepiece.
  • Does he have an industrious job where he gets dirty often? (This will determine what type of band to purchase)
  • Does he tend to lose or break things often? (This will determine how much you spend)
  • What is the current color palette in his closet? (This will determine what color to get)
  • Is he into gadgets or more simple? (This will determine whether its digital and analog)
  • Does he travel often or have family in a different time zone? (This will determine if you get a watch with the ability for different times)
If the man you are purchasing a watch for already has a few watches maybe you can buy him a watch box to store them in a neat way so they just aren't dropped on the counter or the nightstand. Nothing says I love you like purchasing something that takes care of something that they cherish.

Just as a side note ladies: buy him a watch for Christmas and he can never say he didn't know what time it was when you asked him to be home. *wink*

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Women's Watches said...

A Watch is a identity of a man and used as a fashion statement. Christmas is a great occasion give a watch as a holidays gift to your man.