My Ultimate Girl Crushes

Every straight woman has a girl crush. If you're a woman and you tell me you don't have a girl crush...I'm going to say that you're lying. As women we love and appreciate beauty, so how could we not love and appreciate the beauty of another woman?

I thought I only had one girl crush but I actually have many. Hey I'm greedy I guess. I can't help it *hair flip*

Here are my girl crushes in no particular order:


Nia Long

Jessica Biel


Jennifer Lopez

Scarlet Johannson


Liparazzi said...

I have loads of girl crushes including Charlize Theron, Candice Swanepoel, Kerry Washington, Scarlett Johansson & Megan Fox. There's so many beautiful women around with amazing style...it's hard not to be inspired by all of them!

vonnie said...

awesome girl crushes! mine are scarlett johanssen, marilyn monroe, megan fox, adriana lima, and naomi campbell's crazy ass

Candice Olivia said...

@Liparazzi and @Vonnie I figured a lot of people would say Megan Fox. She's pretty but I'm kinda turned off by the bad acne and the blatant huge tat on her arm. Lol its just me. I guess I'm picky *hair flip*