Best Dressed in the NCAA Goes To Oregon

For all my couture cuties that don't know, I'm not only obsessed with makeup, beauty and fashion. I also have a fervent love of sports, however its not that often that I mix the two worlds. I often try but my beau deters me from doing so. Until now....

I thought maybe it was just me, but I completely LOVE Oregon State's uniforms. This team boasts the MOST uniform combinations in the NCAA. Their school is located in very close proximity to the Nike headquarters where they design all the uniforms. One of my favorite color combinations is grey and chartreuse. And I love continuity in an ensemble. Everything was coordinated down to their knee braces and skull caps. Wings strategically placed on the gloves for when they place their hands in their signature "O" for Oregon. They make being a duck look pretty good!

While they were ranked #2 and unfortunately lost the BCS National Championship game last night to Auburn (and the oh so delicious and delectable Cameron Newton) Oregon most certainly won best dressed. Many men and women alike on my twitter timeline continually spoke of their amazing uniforms and said things like "even if Oregon loses, at least they will look good doing it".

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