Couture Sounds: "Saxon" Rihanna feat. Nikki Minaj

Just came across this song after seeing it on Cosmos Et Cupcakes and its making my life. The song goes so hard and its officially my new bitchie anthem and get ready song when I need some extra attitude before going out and sprinkling *pixie dust*. I'm really mad that I found out the song is almost 3 years old and this is my first time hearing it. Nikki wrote it for Rihanna but she didn't want to use the song....epic fail for you Rihanna but anyway...I like it. *side eye*

Rihanna and Nikki have done it again...now if I can hear some Beyonce and Nikki collabos that would REALLY make my life.

Saxon-Rhianna ft. Nikki MInaj by cosmosetcupcakes

If you can't already guess my favorite line.....

"look at how they stare just to copy her. now roger that, did you copy that? co-co copycat" *hair flip*

*Peace Love & Couture*

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