Do You Have Fashion Loyalty?

Recently I was watching E News where they did a profile on the fashion transformation of Blake Lively. My has her style changed over the years. She is now someone to watch on the red carpet. Since her Gossip Girl fame her wardrobe has hit an all time high.

Although Blake has been recently named as the new ambassador for Chanel's new handbags she has loyalty to a few other brands. What are they? Versace dresses/gowns, Lorraine Schwartz diamonds and Christian Louboutin shoes. What a woman wouldn't do to have constant access to all of those designers.

Blake Lively with Karl Lagerfeld
photo credit: Chanel
It made me think about the designers that I'm loyal to. When it comes to the perfect dress I always go with BCBG. I can buy it off the rack and I know it will fit my body like a glove. They are tailored to perfection and always elegant. Not too keen on their prints but I like their solids with minimal details.

Are  you loyal to any brand? If so let me know!

*Peace Love & Couture*

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