My First Blush

My First Blush!

My first blush was many moons ago at the MAC counter (of course). I had no clue what I was doing and asked for advice. I was swayed into buying "Breath of Plum" a light plum sheer tone color. I still use it to this day. Its such a beautiful color.

What was your first blush? Do you still use it to this day? Let me know!

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Danielle87 said...

My first blush was actually one of the mineral ones made by ELF. I have yet to try a blush from mac. They scare me a little but I'm trying to include them in my looks.

socialitedreams said...

my first blush was a gorgeous one called berry darling by revlon that they discontinued but i still use it today, has gold flecks in the beautiful pink berry.


Candice Olivia said...

@Danielle- don't be scared to try MAC blushes honey. I love them and they're the only ones I have. I'm about to venture into NARS blushes now per suggestions from MUA friends.

@Vonnie- booo to discontinued shades. I'm now going to buy double when I fall in love with shades that are limited edition or I fear they will be discontinued.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My 1st blush was Deep Throat by Nars, its peachy & shimmery. I love everything about NARS, from the packaging to the feel of it and the super high pigmentation. Not only are their blushes awesome so are their eyeshadows, they blend like a dream! Nobody beats NARS when it comes to blushes in my book.

I agree with Danielle, MAC blushes are kind of SCARY! I only own 2 MAC blushes and I barely use them. They don’t look good on me for some reason.

Sorry for the long comment! but when it comes to NARS...Honey, I just have to let the world know how I feel...LOL