War of the LAMBs: Kerry vs. Keri

Both Keri Hilson and Kerry Washington were serving it up this past weekend. But which LAMB did it better?

I absolutely j'adore both of these women and their fashion sense. I'm a little torn on who I think was serving it up more this weekend.

What are your thoughts? Who served it up better and why?

*Peace Love & Couture*

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Anonymous said...

Keri Hilson is fashion gorgeous. Kerry Washington is fashion gorgeous. But I've been reading about Kerry's pretty shoes don't quite fit her large feet. The shoes are too tight and it shows. I call it the Beyonce Syndrome, or Women Wanting Small Feet Syndrome. Or Attention .... Syndrome.

For someone who we loved that was herself, Kerry seems to be loosing herself to Hollywood standards of beauty (minus the plastic surgery). Beautiful fashions, but her body looks tired and feet need a break. Give yourself a break Kerry, relax and be healthy , that is . . . not Hollywood fake Healthy. :-).