Couture Tip: Hair Journal

We as busy people tend to need calendars and journals to document everything that we do. From our busy schedules, the foods we eat and the progress of particular projects. We blog and we journal...but do you really journal about your hair? I do!

I had very traumatic experiences with past hair stylists and became very obsessed with my tresses. I'm also very OCD by nature and document everything. And when I mean everything...I mean everything. Back in 2006 or so I started documenting everything that I was doing to my hair. I wrote down every single time I washed my hair, the products that I used, every relaxer, who put the relaxer in, every trim, every color treatment. You name it, I documented it! I really wanted to become one with my hair in some ways and know what was really going on.

You learn a lot about your hair and your own natural habits and patterns when you document things. It's also beneficial when you go to visit a stylist and they ask you important questions about your hair. Ever want to go light with your hair but you've previously dyed it jet black? A stylist should ask  you that. Keep a hair journal and you will know exactly the last time you had your hair colored, with what products and how serviced you.

Do you keep a hair journal? If so share your reasons why and how its benefited you. If not would you think about it?

*peace love & couture*

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