Short Hair Don't Care!

Despite my rants saying that I was never going to cut my hair again and just let it grow...I chopped it all off. I'm still adjusting to the new look but so far I'm loving it. I feel so liberated and relieved. Short hair don't care! Don't worry my couture cuties I will still be whipping my hair (or my bang for that matter). *hair flip*

Now that I don't have any hair on my neck or shoulders I wanted to get some new things to spotlight my new haircut. I had to pull out all of my old sunglasses and now I want to focus more on lipstick and not my eyes. And now I feel like I need more statement earrings since I don't have any hair to cover them anymore.

As I consulted with my hairstylist she told me that I asked the best questions before deciding to make a major change with my hair. My appointment was at 7am on a Saturday and we didn't get started until a little after 8. We went back and forth about what I liked, what I didn't like. What I wanted to be able to do with my hair and how I would be able to maintain my hair on my own.

I think too many times women think a consultation is just telling the stylist exactly what you want/don't want and not so much asking questions and asking for guidance. I know I'm not an expert on hair in the least bit. I loved my stylist for being frank with me and telling me what I'm going to have to do to keep my hair up.

With that being said I love my new cut and think that I'm going to be short for quite a while. This is fun *hair flip*...and I'm out!

*peace love & couture*

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