Monica To Launch Nailpolish Line with Orly

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Singer and newlywed Monica Brown has announced that she too will be entering the world of nail polish collaborations. Unlike other who have teamed with O.P.I. and/or Sephora, Monica has inked her deal with Orly. Her line will not only be nail polish but a complete nail care system. (Differentiation…I love it)

The bottles will have inspirational quotes for women. Where on the bottle they will fit is unbeknownst to me, but that's neither here nor there.
Not too sure if I'm going to be excited about the colors, but I am rather excited about the nail care portion. I'm in desperate need for a really good primer, top coat and cuticle repair. The new line will launch in June. Let's see what it has to offer! I hope I can get my hands on it early...pun intended.
*peace love & couture*

"Each nail bottle will have an inspirational quote to remind women to just stay encouraged, stay focused, enjoy life and know that hard times will come in many different fashions like relationships, work, whatever it is. I always try to motivate the next person to just stay encouraged and to continue to push and strive to have the best life you can. So in something as simple as nail polish you throw in a message like that maybe it will brighten someones day." -Monica

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