Couture Video: Jennifer Lopez "On The Floor" ft. Pitbull

Check out the new video Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull "On The Floor". She looks amazing!

I love Jennifer Lopez. Absolutely j'adore Pitbull (TOMA!) and this video was giving me a lot of different things. First let me just say that J. Lo is a marketer's dream right now and there is product placement out the ass in this video. BMW, Swarovski and Crown Royal are just a few that I caught. Very blatant but I'm not mad at her.

I really wish there was more choreography and not just bouncing around. I love when she REALLY dances. It's not like she's a singer like Beyonce. But at least Beyonce gives me both. NO SHADE...just saying #hairflip.

*peace love & couture*

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Judith said...

I love her. My 1st e-mail address EVER is jlofan@msn.com! LOL