Shoegasm: Trouve Bolero Peep Toe Boot

Ok clearly I'm lusting for a lot of shoes lately. I'm not happy with my shoe collection and I'm really ready to up the ante and expand. With that being said here is yet another shoe that I'm lusting over and stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it in Nordstrom.

Trouve 'Bolero' Peeptoe Boot $149.95
Meet 'Bolero' by Trouve. At this price I'm definitely going to get this shoe. Soon and very soon. I have some serious plans for this shoe!

Let me start off by saying although a MILLION women wear peep toe boots I have never been a fan of them. I think its a cute trend and looks good on many women, however, I just wasn't a fan. I couldn't get over the fact that to me open toes signify spring and sandals, and boots signify fall and winter. Maybe I over analyze things but I just always saw them as confused shoes. But this shoe has made me change my mind obviously.

What do you ladies think? What ensemble would you create with this shoe?

*peace love & couture*

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