My Current Scentsation: Lady Million

I just saw that Angela Simmons did a blog post on her Current Scentsation and I thought I would do one as well. In my previous post "Death To Flowerbomb" I shared with you my new disdain for the fragrance and said I was on a quest to find a new one.

After inhaling a plethora of fragrances, clearing my palette with coffee beans and pissing off a few associates I found my fragrance...for now anyway.

Lady Million by Paco Robanne is my new go to fragrance. I can't stop sniffing myself throughout the day and the beau adores it. I would say it's a winner. It's not too overwhelming but has very delicate yet sensual notes. I mad I didn't get a larger bottle. I will be running through this quickly.

What's your go to fragrance right now?

Candice Olivia

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