Are You An Essie or O.P.I. Girl?

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 Last weekend my roommate and I were out doing a little holiday shopping and having some much needed girl time. During our excursion we stopped by Ulta. It's been so long since I've been in there so I just couldn't help myself. We decided we were going to get small gifts for each other and she had just got me something out of Nordstrom Rack. I know she loves polishes so I thought Ulta was the perfect choice. She didn't want to go in but I baited her by saying "Let's look at nail polish". She quickly walked across the parking lot with me lol.

Once inside I knew she was going to go straight for the O.P.I. which I used to do. However, now I find myself going straight to the Essie colors. While perusing the polishes I said "Well let's see if Essie has the color you're looking for." to which she replied "No Essie is so girly."

It really made me stop and think about it. My roommate and I have totally different styles. She's more edgy and fashion forward and trendy than I am. I'm more of the ultra feminine plain jane. I do the nudes. She does the color. Maybe it's true. Essie is for the super frilly lace and bows kind of girl and O.P.I. is for the funky girls. My most daring O.P.I. colors are "Lincoln Park After Dark" (which every woman has to have) and "Vodka and Caviar" which is like a Russian Red.

What are your thoughts ladies? Do you agree with Essie being way more girly than O.P.I.? What kind of girl are you? Are you an Essie girl or an O.P.I. girl?

Candice Olivia

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