Tangerine Tango The New Color For 2012

Yesterday while I was on twitter I saw a mention about the new color for 2012 and would you wear it. So naturally, I click the link to see what many are predicting will be the "it" color for the new year and low and behold the color was orange! More specifically the color is called "Tangerine Tango" as dubbed by Pantone.

I'm honestly not surprised. About 2 weeks ago I was perusing in H&M and was taken aback by the amount of orange garments I was seeing. I even said to myself "Damn is this the new color and I didn't get the memo?"

I wonder how many collections during fashion week we will see incorporating orange. I've already seen some cosmetics jumping on board.

To see the new "it" color and other complimentary colors visit the Pantone site.

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