Product Review: Lucid Cosmetics Glosses by Jennifer

I recently purchased  two lipglosses from the partnership line between Lucid Cosmetics and by Jennifer of Basketball Wives fame. After I posted the pictures to my instagram page I promised followers a full review of the product.

Let me just note this is the first time I have purchased a "celebrity line" and I normally don't for good reason. I think people need to stop always trying to create lanes and just stay in their own. BUT I felt the urge, had some extra money and I did it.

The two colors that I purchased were "The Hills" which is a peachy coral color and "SOBE" which is a hot pink. My initial reaction when ordering them was that they were quite pricey. At $18.50 a piece I really wanted to be wowed. Shipping and handling was also high at $7. You can do the math...

Once I received my products roughly a week later, I wasn't impressed with the packaging. While the tubes are fairly flat, they are still a bit too big for my taste. I opened the tubes and turned off by the smell of the gloss as well as the applicator. The scent associated with the gloss honestly reminds me of the first gloss your mother let you buy from the beauty supply store or the dollar store. You thought you were cute but that mess smelled from here to the high heavens. Not a good connotation to me.

The gloss itself, however, is quite creamy. The formula isn't too sticky and my lips felt conditioned.

Overall, while I don't regret the purchase, I probably won't be buying anymore. I can get NYX lipglosses that do the same thing and a fraction of the price minus shipping and handling. OK gloss...but not worth buying.

So don't expect me to buy LaLa's line unless you send it to me. *shrug*

Candice Olivia

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