What You Won't Do Is....

Dear Ashanti,

What you won't do is show up on a red carpet looking as if you were dressed by a kiosk in the middle of the mall. What in the ball room dancer Halloween costume do you have on? This dress looks like the losing look on an episode of Project Runway.

If you haven't noticed Beyonce's thighs are on the hot list this week, not yours. Put them away. We aren't checking for them.

You have a new song out and that's fine. You're making your press rounds. However, this was just beyond unnecessary...and I haven't even made it to your makeup yet.

Now to the makeup! The colors are off. The shadow used on the lower lash line is not complementary to her ensemble. I'm not a fan of the lip color either. The monochromatic nature of the lips, cheek and dress bothers me.

Just my opinion...but do better!

Candice Olivia

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socialitedreams said...

LMAO, this made me crack up and i heartily agree