J'Adore or Abhor? Beyonce


Anyone that really knows me knows that I'm a Beyonce stan. However I won't act like she can't do any wrong. With that being said, it brings me to this mommy and me ensemble she was seen wearing while out with Ms. Tina and Blue Ivy Carter yesterday.

I think a lot of people are singing praises for this ensemble but I will do no such thing. As I told one of my friends yesterday, I think she looks like Johnny Depp. It works for Johnny Depp...not so much for Beyonce. I think there are some great individual pieces but not so much together.

Now who I do love is Ms. Tina. Her all black everything looks good and that minor face lift she has makes her and Beyonce look like sisters.

These are just MY opinions. But what do you all think? J'adore or abhor? Do you love it or hate it?

Candice Olivia

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J.Jehanne said...

OMG she did so wrong on this. It doesnt look effortless, she looks like she is trying WAY too hard