Robert Andrew Salon and Spa

I have been stressed to say the least. Between working full time for a boss that isn't that easy, it's legislative session in Maryland (yes I have a real job people that doesn't involve makeup and fashion), graduate school and then adding life on top of that I am beyond stressed.

I haven't been taking care of myself the way I should. I've been giving too much to too many people and not replenishing my energy tank. On the verge of a meltdown I snapped at my boyfriend. Thank God he didn't snap back...he got off the phone and made an appointment for me to get a full body massage. He said "I know you need this, and you weren't going to take the time for yourself, so I'm making you take it."

He made my appointment for Robert Andrew Salon and Spa in Crofton, Maryland. While I knew where it was and passed it many times, I had never gone inside or inquired about their services. My appointment was at 9:30 a.m. but I was asked to arrive at 9 so I would be able to partake in their amenities.

I knew I wanted to partake in all of the amenities so I made sure I was on time. The outside of the spa was very unassuming. Like I previously mentioned, I have passed this place a number of times. When I walked inside I was in awe at how large it was. I felt as if I was in a beauty mall in Beverly Hills somewhere. It just looked so open and amazing. I approached the check-in desk and was greeted by some of the most aesthetically pleasing people I have seen working at one given time. Everyone working there is so pretty (even Jason) and pleasant. They took the time to ask my preferences for my massage. What areas did I want them to focus on, and what areas to avoid. This made me happy.

Ashley checked me in and led me back to the changing area where I was given my robe and slippers. After I changed I went to the "tranquility room" to relax until my name was called for my services. The decor in the tranquility room was just that...tranquil. I've never seen so many women in one space and NO ONE was talking. Not a peep from anyone. There were a few smiles here and there but no conversation. Each woman had her own chaise lounge or a couch with a blanket, snuggled up and relaxing.

There were orchids, classical music, a fire place for ambiance, your choice of lemon or cucumber water, and a plethora of herbal and organic teas to choose from. I chose a soothing chamomile tea and continued to relax. Once my name was softly called, I met my masseuse and then the magic happened.

That was the best massage I have had thus far and I have been to a number of spas.  Her fingers were magic. I slipped away into another place, and I'm sure she saw me crack a few pleasure smiles. Once the 50 minutes was up, I was rather sad because I knew it was over, or so I thought. Unlike most spas that I have been to, they instruct you to get dressed and then you can pay. Not at Robert Andrew. I was led back to the tranquility room where I was told to stay as long as I'd like, take a nap, do whatever I wanted to do. And I did just that.

I finally left the tranquility room and got dressed around 11 a.m. Time had escaped me. It felt like I was there for 4 hours but it had only been 2. Cell phone were not allowed and I wasn't wearing my watch so I had no track of time. Upon closing out at check-out, I was picking up my purse to leave and I saw a coupon under it for $5 off of eyebrow threading...and I've been looking for  new brow threading specialist for 2 years now.

The heavens opened...and my day got even better

To be continued in the next post.....

Candice Olivia

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