What You Won't Do Cheri Dennis

Dear Cheri Dennis,

Many have been wondering where you have been after your very brief stint with Diddy and his crew. But who can really be surprised by that? A little bit of air time and then no real career. *giggles* but I digress. For whatever reason you are back on the scene and the first thing I see is an egregious act of fashion.

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This jumpsuit is hideous. And let me explain why. I don't have a problem with the color, I happen to j'adore the juxtaposition of black and white in garments and ensembles. It can be very chic. I am not mad at the fact that it's a body suit. I'm not caring about the fact that your tats are showing in the back. I don't even care about the shoes, nor do I have an issue with the geometric print. HOWEVER I do take issue that the print does not align along the seams.

I absolutely despise seeing a garment with an obvious print where it does not align along the seams. My mother is a seamstress and taught me at an early age that it's unacceptable, lazy practice and shows signs of something being cheap. Therefore, I look at this garment and immediately think it looks cheap.

A garment should be aesthetically pleasing from ALL sides. It doesn't look bad in the front. But from the side and the back it looks terrible. Ladies, I urge you to not be pressed to wear a particular garment simply because it makes your butt look nice or accentuates your shape (as this jumpsuit does for Cheri) if it is poorly made.

Candice Olivia

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