Eyebrow Threading with Nasreen at Robert Andrew Salon and Spa

Robert Andrew Salon & Spa
In my previous post I detailed my amazing experience at Robert Andrew Salon and Spa in Crofton. For some time now I have been searching for a new eyebrow threading specialist. I stopped going a couple years ago because I was hooked on going to one person but it was no longer convenient (42 miles) and the prices kept going up. Gas is too high and it's a recession. I took to doing my brows myself...and that proved not to be the best move.

As I was leaving Robert Andrew the other day I looked under my purse and wondered what this piece of paper was. I swear to you I didn't see it when I flopped my big bag on the counter just 3 minutes before. It's like it magically appeared. It was a $5 off coupon for eyebrow threading. My eyes lit up and they said "oh yes, we just recently got eyebrow threading." I insisted on getting them done at that very moment. They looked weary citing that Nasreen was the only specialist and that she is always booked. They politely walked over to Nasreen and asked if she could take me. She said she was quick and would take me as she waited for her next appointment to arrive.

Nasreen is a beautiful older woman from India and she took time talking to me before she began working on my brows. We spent about 5 minutes talking about my brow history and my current brow maintenance practices. She immediately instructed me to get rid of my tweezers and to never use them again. Her explanation was that the metal of the tweezers (or a razor) will irritate the skin and over time will cause scaring and darkening of the skin along with bumps. Now I have to be honest I only started tweezing my brows 2 years ago and I have already seen adverse effects that I never saw with my previous 5 or 6 years of threading.

Nasreen also told me if you are going to see a brow threading specialist they should not:

1. Wax
2. Use tweezers
3. Put thread in their mouth

My previous brow threading specialist would wax, then thread, then clean up with a tweezer. Nasreen insisted those were lazy practices and NOT the way women are taught in India. She only uses her hands and never uses wax or tweezers. She is even teaching her daughters who are 12 and 15!

We mapped out my brow reconstruction plan and I was so elated that someone cared about my brows as much as I do. She was so pleasant and informative. She is a proponent for healthy practices and is very knowledgeable and comforting. I'm so pleased with Nasreen and will be going to see her every 3 weeks from now on. It is $20 and I think that is more than worth it for a once a month trip not too far from my home.

I will get more tips and tricks from Nasreen that I will share with you when I see her next.

Candice Olivia

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