Kim K Overload?

Last week Claire of Fashionbomb Daily did a post on whether people are tired of seeing and hearing about Kim Kardashian fashions on her blog. You can read the full post here. Some have commented and said they would like more diversity on the site and they're tired of hearing/seeing Kim K. Others have said don't stop posting her fashions are great and there were a number that are indifferent and couldn't care at all.

Me personally, I'm indifferent. If you blog about her I expect it because she's fly. If you don't blog about her, that's ok I'm still going to see her on TV and see that again...she is fly. Here is the comment that I left explaining how I feel about Kim K and her fashions.

There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman and she dresses very well. She always accentuates the positives and minimizes the negatives. She is always chic and the garments are proportionate to her frame and shape. While she always gets it right she doesn’t always excite. It is more than expected that she will look absolutely amazing. So it merely becomes “what she wore today” and I’m perfectly fine with that! I say all this to say continue doing posts about her.

She might be a liar. She might do too much for TV. She may be a publicity whore. But one thing you can never say about her is that she looks bad.

What do you ladies think? How do you feel about it?

Candice Olivia

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Judith said...

I want her wardrobe that’s about it!! I do not care for Kim, I think Kourtney is the fly one, she has style.