Dear Brides: Pay For Your Party

Some time ago I tweeted something from my Twitter account where I said that Brides should pay for the makeup of their entire bridal party. Many people agreed with me, while some penny pinchers had their feathers ruffled. I stand by what I said, and this is why.

As a Bride, everything is about “your day”. From the gown, your flowers, the d├ęcor and ultimately your photos. At the end of the day everything needs to look amazing so your photos will capture that for a lifetime. YOU care about your photos, your bridesmaids do not. I promise you.
As an artist, there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with the disgruntled bridesmaid. She has already spent a ton of money on a dress, shoes, manicure, pedicure, hair, your bridal shower and possibly your bachelorette weekend. Maybe she has had to take time off from work and she didn't have leave, so that is money missed as well. And now on top of all of that, she has to spend even more money, when she probably doesn't even wear makeup often just for YOUR photos. See how annoying that can get?!?

I have experienced bridesmaids refusing to get makeup done, magically coming up with allergic reactions 24 hours before the wedding, asking for a la carte services, all because they don’t want to pay the quoted price. I understand it, but as an artist, my time and services come with price and that is not to be haggled or argued about.

The smoothest most stress free weddings I have worked are when the bride pays for the entire bridal party to get their makeup done. No one is worried about spending extra money, and they just hop in the chair and relax. Never worn lashes and don’t like them? So what, you’re not paying for it. You don’t like wearing makeup? So what, you’re not paying for it. No worries. For the bride, it’s almost kind of like a thank you gift for dealing with you and your shenanigans (if you happen to be a Bridezilla) for the past 8 months to a year of planning. Everyone deserves just a few minutes to relax and be pampered on that day.

This is merely an artist suggestion. This is not a bridal beauty law. Just thought I would share my 2 cents on the topic. For more Wedding Wednesday tweets and posts make sure you're following me on Twitter @CandiceOBeauty

Tell me what your experience has been like as a bride or a bridesmaid. I would love to hear it in the comments below. 

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