#BBHMM : Tackling Rates

Potential Client: How much are you willing to accept for x amount of faces?

Me: My rate….

This post comes from a place of not only frustration, but confidence. One of the hardest things I have had to do as a freelance makeup artist was to become comfortable with my pricing and demand what I am worth. I’m not saying I am the best artist on the planet. No I’m not booked 24/7, however, when you do get my time, it comes with a price. I am 100% confident in my skill and the level at which I am at right now. I have grown as an artist, and so have my prices. I am merely asking people to respect said pricing.

I have had the conversation with many other artists and it’s always just mind boggling to us that people never want to pay what it really costs to get your makeup done professionally. What it really comes down to, is people don’t want to pay for services because it’s not a tangible good. If I was selling an object I’m sure they would buy it, but I’m affording you time and energy, and a service that you can’t do yourself. Let’s be honest, if you could, you wouldn't call me.

I completely understand if a price quoted to you is outside of your budget. However, I’m not going to haggle with you as if it’s an open air market in order to meet you half way and/or accommodate you.
That’s not how this works. There are also the people who assume because I only freelance, and since I have a full time job that I can “afford” to provide my services at a discounted rate…. (insert the largest side eye ever). I would not dare price gouge the market and fellow artists just because I have other money coming in. Furthermore, what sense does it make to not maximize my profit by not requesting what my services are worth?

People say that they support your business, but real support is paying for the services that I offer. My friends and family get invoices. At the end of the day business is business. My business is legit. I don’t care if I do one face, or 1000 faces each year. I have to pay taxes. I have business expenses. The moral of the story is my rate is my rate. Either you can afford it or you can’t. But please respect it. If you don’t have my money, you don’t have my time. Rihanna said it. Not me. 

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