Wedding Makeup Don't: Waiting Until The Last Minute

Hello beauties! I'm back for another installment for #WeddingWednesday. This post comes from yet another place of frustration so just hear me out.

I was perusing Pinterest one night, and stumbled across a pin that had a wedding planning timeline, and it was instructing brides to find a makeup artist 60 days out from their big day. I think I immediately screamed out loud "HEEEEEEEELL NO".

As a bridal makeup artist, far too many times I am hit with a request to do a wedding party in 60 days or less. And I think this is absolutely crazy. Especially when I ask when you got engaged, and you've been planning a wedding for over a year and have had a date and venue secured for 8 months or more.

Here is what happens to you as a bride when you wait until the last minute to book your makeup artist:

1. No one is available. 

Brides are booking their makeup artist an ENTIRE year out. You may think it's crazy but its not. You've seen the movie "Bride Wars" where she was on a waiting list for a wedding venue. Once you secure that date, secure the rest of your dream team so you can breathe easy.

2. Artists who are available, may not be who you really want.

You just might luck up and find an available artist, but when you look at references to their work, it may not be what you want. You're running low on money because you have already shot your budget and you try to find someone cheap and available...and trust me cheap and available is going to come across in your photos.

3. Quick Turnaround to come up with funds.

Its less than 2 months before your wedding. You haven't done a trial. You need to make a deposit, and then turn right around and pay the remaining balance. And that's not negotiable. You're putting unneeded stress on yourself.

There are a few things I'm thinking as an artist when I get last minute requests like this:

1. This bride doesn't care about makeup.

I'm going to automatically assume that you're one of those "I don't wear makeup" and you don't really care types if you come to me last minute with a wedding makeup inquiry. That is absolutely no shade to anyone who chooses not to wear makeup on a daily basis. Hell, I don't even wear makeup on a daily basis. You spend thousands on a gown, a venue that matches your gown, and a photographer to capture it all, and you want a dry face?!? That perplexes me. You're coming to me last minute because you didn't care about makeup.

2. This bride does not have the budget.

60-90 days out I can only assume that you have already set and adequately blown your budget by now. So when you find a great artist that is actually available and they hit you with their rate...you're looking stunned and now looking for someone cheaper. But remember, you get what you pay for.

3. This bride will/can possibly be difficult.

In my eyes this bride/bridal party is going to look for every way to cut corners, and no one simply has time for that. The bride isn't going to pay for everyone, which they should, and the drama is going to commence. (Check my last post on Pay For Your Party if you missed that).

4. This bride doesn't have a good wedding planner

Your wedding planner is supposed to do just that, help you plan! They should know more than anyone that proper planning prevents piss poor performance. More than that, I would assume that your wedding planner has a rolodex of preferred vendors that includes makeup artists. They should have asked you did you have someone in mind, and the minute you said no, they should have pulled out a list to assist you.

I appreciate you listening to yet another bridal business makeup rant. As always these thoughts are simply my own based off of my experience of doing weddings for years. We can agree to disagree but I said what I said *NeNe voice*

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