Candice O Beauty: Soul.eil

Photo Taken by: Veronica Sequeria

Last year I had the opportunity to work on a pretty amazing project as a brand was gearing up their e-commerce. This by far had to be one of the best sets that I have worked on and just further fueled my love and adoration for makeup.

Soul.eil is a cutting edge vintage shop that often times has pop up shops. Can't say it doesn't feel a little good when you log onto a site and the first image you see is of your work.

The shoot was photographed by Veronica Sequeira, and  creatively directed and styled by Michela Wariebi, a great friend and amazing artist. So when she asked me to work the project I didn't hesitate. The colors were so vibrant. The textures were so rich. There was melanin everywhere. And the hair and makeup team behind the scenes was just as amazing.

Here are some more images below.

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