ULTA Haul: Under $50

A couple of weeks ago I found myself wandering around town waiting for my friend to get home. I knew I wanted to go to an ULTA that day but didn't know there was one by her house. Low and behold, I found one and decided to take a loop around.

While in there I got a few things, and just knew my total was going to be sky high, because that's what always happens to me. To my surprise I didn't even spend $50! Now I consider that a major accomplishment for a product junkie. You all know how it goes.

C O Beauty: ULTA Haul under $50

If you want to see quick reviews of the products keep reading

Japonesque Brush Cleaner

The Japonesque brush cleaner was buy one get one free, so I didn't feel bad about trying it. I purchased both the original and the rose scented cleaner for $7 total. My intention for trying it was to get something just for spot cleaning since I had run out of my Cinema Secrets. I tried it for a little while and I can honestly say I don't really care for it. While both of the smell amazing (the original has a citrus scent similar to Parian Spirit) and they do a fairly decent job of cleaning the brushes, I don't necessarily like the formula. There is something too oily about the product and when you spray it on the brushes more of it just goes into the air or all over your hands. I've also tried spraying it directly on a paper towel and swirling which proved to be a bit better, but I'm still not in love. Definitely not strong enough to clean brushes that have heavy cream products in them.

Bliss Facial in a Box

The Bliss Facial in a Box was a last minute add while I was standing in line. They know what they're doing with the add on racks, because I surely fell victim. For $14 it comes with a cleanser, a mask (two sample sizes) and a moisturizer. I have used the system twice, and can say while the mask is ok, the cleanser, which is to be a "makeup melt" is not sufficient. You would have to wash your face with a different cleanser first, and then maybe the makeup melt will get whatever residue is left. Not bad to try, but I wouldn't purchase it again.

Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

I got this at the suggestion of many of my beauty friends. It was only $7 which surprised me. The smell is amazing and is probably great for my dry skin, however I don't know if I notice much of a difference, not just yet.

Ardell Demi Wispie Lashes

Self explanatory. Wispie and Demi Wispie lashes are probably my favorite lashes to wear. I just love how flirty and natural they look. They had a double pack so I had to pick them up. I rarely wear lashes, but wanted to wear them more often, so I needed something that I could wear every day with a light face.

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