Skincare 101: All About Skin

Dr. Lisa Ginn of Skin at LRG
If you read my post about my recap of the Derrick Rutledge class "Perfecting Your Presence" you know that I was completely enamored by the  dermatologist Dr. Lisa Ginn.Dr. Ginn is a board certified dermatologist and fellowship trained cosmetic laser surgeon. You can get more information about her and her practice Skin at LRG here.

She shared a lot with us about proper skincare, and how to treat the most common skin issues for women of color. Please note I am not a licensed esthetician, but I have a love for skincare and would like to share what I have learned. As I always say, the beginning of flawless makeup application starts with a good skincare regimen.

Here are some key points that she shared about skin: 

  • Your skin is the body's largest organ system
  • Having a healthy skin regimen is crucial to your daily life and well being
  • Your skin is the most forgiving organ system as it is the only organ system that can actually get better with age. 
  • With proper guidance, a few steps on your part is all that is required to give you youthful, healthy skin that glows. 
  • Your hair and your nails are a direct extension of your skin. 
  • Unique organ system as it often gives distinct clues to diagnose/uncover internal disease. (ie: diabetes, lupus and thyroid issues)

Structure of the Skin


Outer and protective layer. 


Middle layer and foundation of the skin.


Deepest layer and fat-pad for skin and origin of all hair growth

The Role Each Layer of Skin Performs: 

  • Dull, dry or sensitive skin signals a problem in the epidermis. 
  • Acne and dark spots originate in the epidermis an dermis.
  • Sagging skin results from a breakdown of the dermis. 
  • Thinning hair or excess hair requires of the follicles located in the subdermis. 

Two Processes Happening in Everyone's Skin:

  • Slowing down of skin turnover in epidermis beginning in mid 20's resulting in dry and splotchy skin. 
  • Cessation of dermal production of collagen beginning in mid to late 30's resulting in a loss of skin firmness, large pores and fine lines and wrinkles. 

As you can see, if you haven't already figured out you're skincare regimen you're behind the curve and need to catch up. Again your skin is very forgiving and can and will get better over time if you just put in a little bit of work. 

Stay tuned for The 5 Essential Steps for an Optimal Skincare Regimen...... 

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