3 Ways To Simplify Your Makeup Routine

3 Ways To Simplify Your Makeup Routine

I love makeup, that's no surprise. But I don't wear makeup all the time. And when I do, I don't like to spend a lot of time on it. I know my face. I know the shortcuts I can take. 15 minutes tops unless I'm dragging my feet and/or trying something new. 

Makeup isn't that difficult, and if you feel that it is, then you're probably doing too much. "But Candice, you're a makeup artist of course you're going to say that". No, I'm being very real with you. It's not that serious, and you can get to 10-15 minute makeup routine in no time. Order your steps. Simplify the process. 

I have 3 sure fire ways that you can simplify your beauty routine and make your makeup life that much easier. 

1. Perfect Your Skincare Routine

I say this all the time, and I'm going to say it again. Amazing makeup starts with an amazing skincare routine. The smoother your skin, the more clear your skin, the better canvas you have to apply your makeup, and in most cases the less makeup you need. Treat the areas that need to be treated. If you're dry, moisturize. If you're oily, mattify. Makeup should enhance. It's not always meant to be a mask. I promise you, the better your skin, the easier and quicker you can do your makeup. Trust me. 

2. Learn and Use the Proper Tools

Too many times my friends or people that approach me ask about my makeup, ask me to assess their kit, and the first thing I go to is not your shadows, or foundations...I'm going straight to your brushes. They are either too hard, not the right size for their eye shape, super dirty (that is another topic in and of itself) or they're not using the tools properly. Learn what your brushes are for, learn which tools work best with different formulas of makeup. Once your learn your tools and how to properly use them, they do half the work for you. 

3. Multi-use Products 

The bargain shopper in me doesn't like to buy anything unless I can see myself using it in multiple ways. That is also very true when I'm doing my makeup. Using products that you can use in multiple ways is one of the quickest ways to not only shorten your routine, but have add cohesion to your face. For example, the same bronzer you use to warm up your face, put that on your crease to add depth. The same highlighter you're using on the high points of your face, pack that color on the lid for a soft shimmer. You've completed a look with two products! 

I promise you if you work at the 3 factors mentioned above, you will simplify your process and cut your makeup time in half! 

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