Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen! (Trend or Technique)

Let me vent really quickly.....

1. If I see one more "highlight and contouring" video/pictorial I'm going to shoot myself.
2. If I see one more thing about "strobing" I'm going to scream.
3. If I see another Kylie Jenner lip tutorial, I'm going to slit  my wrists.
4. If I see one more "clown contouring" video/pictorial, I'm cussing everyone out.

There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing something marketed and pushed off as a "trend" when to professionals and subject matter experts it's a standard practice and technique. Highlighting and contouring is not new. Strobing is not new. Overdrawing one's lips is not new. And while clown contouring may be new...it needs to go straight to hell, because it's absolutely foolish.

Highlighting and contouring is not a trend. It is a technique used to bring depth and dimension back to the face. Strobing is not a trend. Strobing is highlighting. That's not new boo....they just want you to think its new so they can sell you new tools and products. Sorry to tell you, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. It's like when M.A.C. comes out with a new collection and then majority of the items are permanent items anyway. Nice try...but we see you.

Every time someone markets a technique as a trend, they're doing a disservice to true artistry and skill. You are diminishing the years of practice and skill that true artists have amassed and acquired. You are taking things that have been done since the beginning of time and are standard practice and making it "what's hot right now".

Ladies, gentleman, marketing companies..... please do me a solid, and STOP trying to make fetch happen. I know that there is nothing new under the sun, and everything comes back around, but some things are here to stay. Find another way to make a dollar, please and thanks.

Signing off, see your for the next beauty filled rant.

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