The Number 1 Reason Men Don't Like Makeup

As a freelance makeup artist that specializes in beauty and bridal makeup, one of the most rewarding moments is when the groom or significant other tells me how great of a job I did on his special lady. That's right, I said it. I get more joy hearing from a man how great my work is, because I know that men hate makeup. I know at that point, he gets it. And his relationship with makeup is forever changed.

I can't tell you how many times I have been at the bar with male friends that lean down and tap me to ask me why a woman's makeup looks so bad, or "What is up with her face?!?" Just as many times, I receive text messages from men asking me "How do I tell my girlfriend that her makeup looks bad?" 

Ladies, let's be real. We need to give men a little bit more credit. It's easy to say that "men don't know anything about makeup". The truth is, they don't have to know a lot. They only know one thing about makeup. And honestly, it's the most important thing. Men know when makeup looks bad. Point blank period. Men are very black and white in thinking. If the makeup looks bad, they know the cause of you looking less than desirable is makeup. Therefore, they don't like makeup. Simple as that.

I recently had a discussion with my boyfriend about it, who echoed the same thing. He told me that he too doesn't like makeup, and that it's not makeup he really has an issue with (I would hope not because he's invested a lot in my business lol) but he knows when it looks bad. I asked him if he still doesn't like makeup, then why does he request that I put makeup on when we go out. His response, "Because you don't wear a lot of makeup, and you know what you're doing". Now little does he know, I wear more than he thinks, but the key is, I know what I'm doing.

Here are some of the things I hear the most from MEN about "bad makeup" and why they hate it:

1. Caked up Foundation

Ladies, you're out here looking a powdery mess and men can see it. Sheer it out some. Blend and blend and blend until you can't blend anymore. I promise it will do you a world of good. Remember we want to see the effects of the makeup, not the makeup itself.

2. Inappropriate lash choices

You're walking around with photoshoot lashes to go to the grocery store at noon like Lambchop and it looks silly. It's the wrong lash style for your makeup or your eye shape. Choose a nice flirty wispy lash instead.

3. Bold Lips Without Liner

I'm always here for a bold lip. But ladies, I don't know how many times or how many ways I can say this. A lip pencil and a lip brush are your friend. Take your time. Sculpt out your lip, and I promise you that bold lip won't look like you just painted all outside the lines.

4. Bad Brows

Sharpie brows. IG brows. Pencil brows. Tadpoles. Geometric shapes. It doesn't matter, if your brows are jacked, they know it. And if you're drawing them on and they look bad, their even more offended. Get a good brow lady. Stop plucking your brows. Stop being heavy handed. Deliver yourself.

5. Wrong Foundation Color

Self explanatory. They know when your face doesn't match your body. Get matched properly. Please and thanks.

I have reformed multiple men into becoming proponents of women wearing makeup. Husbands have called me back just to surprise their wife so they can get their makeup done. Makeup appointments are being worked into the household budget. They think she looks beautiful, and they want to see her smile and see her happy. It's that simple. Can't do it yourself? Hire someone. Want to learn how to do it better? Take a class.

If you're in the DC Metropolitan area and would like to schedule an appointment or private lesson with me, feel free to email me at info@candiceoliviabeauty.com!

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Erin Martin said...

You nailed it!!! Men will love it if it looks but hate it more if it doesn't.