Why I Wear Makeup

“Why do you wear makeup when you don’t need it?”

“I don’t have time for all of that mess. I’d rather be natural”

“That’s doing too much. All I need is….”

If you have ever parted your lips to tell myself or someone else about their use of makeup, let me stop you right there. While not a single soul asked you, I’ll go ahead and answer it for you. BECAUSE I WANT TO DAMN IT. And if wearing makeup is something you choose not to do, then so be it. No one asked you. And no one cares. If I went around asking women why they choose to have bags under their eyes, not hide blemishes, or not put on some brozner or blush, I’m pretty sure someone would call me rude.

The same women makeup shaming because they don’t get it, are always the first ones criticizing an HD photo saying that a woman should have worn makeup, or they’re asking for tips and tricks on how to recreate a natural beat. But that’s none of my business. I accept all clients and tenders. *sips tea*

I don’t know where the assumption came from that any woman who wears makeup spends an hour or more painting her face elaborately like a drag queen. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have patience for long drawn out processes. I have my routine down to a science and I can do things quickly and efficiently.

I’m not insecure. I don’t have “bad skin”. I’m not trying to hide any of my God given features. I merely think makeup is amazing, it’s an art, and damn it it’s a skill that I have. So I’m not going to not use my skill. I feel good about myself when I’m wearing it, and I shouldn't feel like I need to wear or do less to make other people feel more comfortable. Makeup is an accessory to me. I wear lashes like a necklace. I wear lipstick as if it were a ring. It’s just another accouterment to up the ante on whatever ensemble I’m wearing. It can boost your mood and invoke a feeling. It just so happens I use makeup as a tool to make those things happen. If you don’t like makeup so be it. But don’t judge those who enjoy it.


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