Going Bananas for MANGO!

I have recently been put onto a new store by my hair stylist. MANGO is the Spanish clothing line that was started by Oscar winner Penelope Cruz and her sister. Described as "fashion for the young urban woman" I think it fits the bill.

I had passed the store multiple times in Tyson's Corner (the shopping mecca in the DMV...DC, Maryland and Virginia for those that don't know) but was never compelled to go in. Well I finally went in....and I'm officially bananas for MANGO! Not to mix my fruits, but its just that necessary (Jennie that was for you).

I absolutely love the clothes. They are very feminine and flirty, yet sophisticated. There is everything from day to evening wear, jeans and tees, to suiting and accessories. There are very casual classic pieces, as well as trendy pieces. I didn't plan on spending any money when I went there...and that's where all of my money went. I'm very excited about this store and I want everyone to know about it.

I find the price point very reasonable for the quality of the clothing. Full price products range in price from $15 - $200. There is a sale section as well as an outlet section online. I'm a sucker for outlets! Same brand, same quality, just a reduced price as long as you have patience and faith that your size will still be available. Make sure you visit the site and find a store near you.

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Aneeta said...

Hi just wanted to tell you that MANGO wasn't started by Penelope Cruz n her sister, it was started back in 1984 in Spain. MANGO has been collaborating with various designers and artists such as Milla Jovovich, Elisabeth Hurley and the Cruz sisters since 2007. So Penelope Cuz is in almost all their ad campaigns and she's also designed a line for them.