The Fashion Show

I can't believe I haven't written about Bravo TVs 'The Fashion Show' before now, but after last night's episode I knew I had to. I was a bit skeptical about the show before it aired. It seemed too much like Project Runway to me (which I absolutely adore). Even though I wasn't sure that I was going to like it, it was a reality show about fashion none the less...so I had to watch. I've been glued to my TV every Thursday at 10pm and my verdict is...I LIKE IT. I don't know if I completely love the show. I'm not impressed with all the designers and when some contestants win challenges I'm utterly dumbfounded as to why. There is something about the designs that I'm just not getting. 

What I do like about the show is that every challenge is a true fashion show with an audience as opposed to just 3 stuffy judges who think they know it all. They also poll the audience at each show to see who is "buying" the look. I like the fact that there is an actual audience comprised of some of the fashion industry's top notch fashion houses and designers. I think this gives the contestants a better chance for their work to be seen on a larger scale before the show is even over. In most cases your work isn't seen by the public until the show airs. I feel this is better for if a contestant is sent home early in the game they are already able to shop their work around to fashion houses or promote themselves. (I know they are some times under contract with networks and they can't promote their work until after the show airs, but I know it won't stop a company from contacting them)

As far as the  hosts go for the show I absolutely LOVE Isaac Mizrahi. He's awesome. I like him more than I like Michael Khors on Project Runway. I still love Michael...but for different reasons. Isaac seems a little more down to earth and has his "ear to the streets" more than Michael. Kelly Rowland...beautiful girl. But I'm just wondering how she ended up being one of the hosts. I'm not saying she's a bad  host. I'm just saying I don't know how she ended up getting the job. I kinda wonder who turned down the offer so that it became available to her. I love her, don't get me wrong. She just wouldn't have been my first choice. 

All in all I like the show and give it two thumbs up!

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