Project 10 Pan Update

I wasn't having a hard time when I first decided to start the project a little over a month ago but now I'm itching to buy some new things for the summer. I'm almost done with 3 products. So I'm trying to use them all the time. They will be my staple face components. I have almost completely used up my:
  • MAC Studio stick foundation
  • MAC cream eyeshadow base in bronze
  • MAC Lip Gelee in Lila Crush
I'm a little hesitant to finish my lip gloss and cream shadow base because they no longer carry them. It's always my luck that I buy something and not realize that its limited edition and wen I want to buy a new one that's when I find out. I've had both of them for years (since I was always buying things but not wearing make up every day) and I love them so much. Its going to kinda hurt once I finish them and know that I can't even replace them. So the search will begin to find something comparable. 

I've been really tempted to buy some things but I think its only because MAC came out with the Star Warrior and Honey collections. But I went to the store to look at both and I'm not really impressed. I do want to try one of the bronzers from the Star Warrior collection but that means I would have to cheat on my project and I do already have a Stila bronzer that will suffice. But if I like it I don't want to not buy it and then it will be sold out and/or discontinued. Oh the woes of being a product-a-holic. What is a girl to do?!?

OMG! I just realized that I broke the streak. I bought a NYX liquid liner today from the beauty supply store. Damn... well I'm still going to finish my products up. Small slip but I'm back on the wagon


Awilda Fashionista said...

I wish I had your will power to do the Project 10 Pan! LOL

I just can't, it's too hard with MAC releasing thigs every 2 weeks! LOL

Olivia Cole said...

OMG it's REALLY hard for me. And yes it seems like MAC is coming out with collections every other week and I just want to try everything.