Fab Store Find

I haven't been shopping or even window shopping for that matter in quite some time. But I had to go to one of the most dangerous shopping neighborhoods recently for an interview. I had to go to Georgetown. I call it a very dangerous shopping neighborhood...financially. Its almost impossible to leave the area without spending all your money, unless you're very financially responsible. Me...I'm a recovering addict so its a little tempting. But like they say, "one day at a time". 

So I was leaving my interview (at a place I will not disclose until I officially land the job. don't want to jinx it) and I was brave enough to walk down the main strip and I came across a little store that you can't even see from the main street. The store is down a set of stairs and in the cut. I just saw a sign that said "Wink" and I kinda ignored it. That was until I saw brand names on the sign. I immediately turned around and ran down the stairs into the store. I think I took out a person and nearly ran them over to do so. But I think she understood. 
I was in love. I had to leave quickly though. There were just too many cute things and I just got paid but I hadn't paid any of my bills yet. But in my quick scan I was very excited and there were so many things that I wanted to try on. I went on the website when I got home and I'm even more in love. Here are a few looks that I love and want to try on. 
Frankie Fringe Dress (Alice + Olivia)
Stella Linen Dress
Stella Petal Dress
Sara Shorts
Olivia Dress

I still can't believe I haven't heard of this store before. I'm excited to get some money so I can play. The sale section on the website looks rather tempting. And there are a lot of looks that I would like to dupe in a more budget conscious way. 

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