HATED IT! (Eye Liner Edition)

Here are my eye liner woes....

I like the way liquid eyeliner looks on some dramatic eye make up. I've never really used it before and wanted to give it a try. I tried the NYX Liquid Eye Liner. I saw it and it was inexpensive so I said why not get it?!? Well now I know why I shouldn't have purchased it. IT SUCKS! I absolutely hate it. I'm not 100% if its me or the eye liner itself but I don't like it. Its very watery and doesn't dry quick enough for me. I'd probably do better with a gel liner pen. 

I also hate the N.Y.C. black eye liner. I purchased the Eye Liner Duets a while back. If you don't know its a two-sided liner pencil that has black and one other color. I purchased "you've got the power" an aqua color and "through the storm" a purple color. I planned on using the colored sides for just a pop of color or as an all over lid shadow base for vibrant colored eye looks. The color sides of the pencils have fared well for me...the black side...not so much. It doesn't have the staying power that I would like. Especially on my waterline. Even when I set it with a black eyeshadow (MAC's carbon) it still doesn't last. 

But for now I'm just going to stick to my pencils and my HIP Color Truth Cream Eye Liner in 905 Black. I haven't had any trouble with it thus far. It hasn't dried out and I can also use it as a shadow base and put highly pigmented colors on top. 

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