Target Haul: Alba Botanica, OPI, and Soap and Glory

This is my second Target haul in a month and I was thoroughly excited by this haul. I got quite a few things and only spent $54.00. May seem like a lot to some considering its a recession and I was only buying a few beauty products, but I couldn't have been  happier. Here is what I purchased:
  • OPI polish (I'm India Mood for Love)
  • Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub
  • Alba Botanica Aloe and Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer
  • Soap and Glory gift set
  • Two vinyl cosmetic bags
O.P.I. (I'm India Mood For Love) - $8.50
I absolutely love love love this polish. As much as I love O.P.I. polishes I haven't found that many colors lately that I like for the summer time in the pink and coral family. Maybe I just need to go to better stores that have better selections. I was so in love with the color I immediately gave myself a pedicure as well as two of my cousins (age 3 and 4). These little girls were so excited and were in love with their pink toes. People will be seeing this color a lot on me this summer. 

Alba Botanica Pineapple Enzyme Facial Scrub -$11
I didn't even know this brand existed. The display in the store had Jessica Alba's face so of course I assumed that it was something that she had  her hands on. Once I got home and looked up the line...her face was nowhere to be found on the site. Not even a mention of her name. I wasn't disappointed, however I still was intrigued by their products and might be trying some of the other things that they have to offer. All products are hypo-allergenic and 100% vegetarian products. The line also boasts no animal testing. Now that I have a dog those are things I pay more attention to. 

  • I love the packaging for the scrub. It looks very cute and tropical. 
  • The consistency of the scrub was nice and it felt so natural like I could have made it in my kitchen using household ingredients. 
  • I like the way my skin felt after using it and the smell was pleasing. 

  • I didn't like that it seemed like after washing it off my face that the granules from the scrub were still there in some places. When I initially rubbed my face I didn't feel anything. It wasn't until I went to put on moisturizer that I could feel granules on my face. 
  • I didn't like the fact that it didn't give instructions on how often you should use the scrub directly on the packaging. But a recommendation was found on the website saying up to 2 times per week. I have been using it about every 3 days and haven't had any adverse effects up to this point. So I will probably keep it up. 
OVERALL= I like it. My skin looks and feels good. I will continue to use it. I recommend buying it. 

Alba Botanica Green Tea and Aloe Moisturizer - $17

I saw the moisturizer before I saw the scrub. The moisturizer is what made me buy the scrub. I always like to try products from the same line. I think its just something about the products coming from the same company and having the same ingredients and tested to work well together. My skin has been really dry lately and moisturizers that I have been using just haven't been really working for me at all, nor have they been good enough to use under my foundation. 

  • I absolutely adore the consistency of this moisturizer. Its very deceiving. It appears to be thin but it distributes very well. You only need a very tiny dot on your finger and it goes on your whole face and throat. 
  • It sort of has a warming sensation when I put it on. I don't know if its supposed to or its just my skin reacting to an ingredient but I haven't had any break outs or red areas as a result. 
  • I like the smell. 
  • Goes very well under my foundation. Leaves my skin feeling very supple and hydrated. 
OVERALL = I love it. Will continue to use it. Recommend it. Because it distributes so well and you just need a dab on your finger I feel its worth the $17. 

Soap and Glory Gift Set - $8

I became familiar with the scrub from watching a haul video on YouTube from DulceCandy87. She said she really liked it. I had never heard of the brand prior to and when I saw it in Target I thought to myself hmmm I'll try it. She said it was wonderful for the legs and I'm especially trying to get my legs in order for shorts and dresses. I didn't want to buy the full size container just to try it out. I was looking all over the shelves and was liking a lot of their products. Then I came across a cute little gift set that had a body scrub, shower gel, and body butter. 

  • I adore the smell of all the products. 
  • The scrub and the body butter both have shea butter in them. I LOVE ALL THINGS SHEA BUTTER. 
  • A little bit goes a long way. I can use these products every day and will have a lot left in my container considering they are smaller sizes. 
  • Love the way my skin felt after using the products. 
Since the scrub is a sugar scrub I knew that I could use it before or after shaving my legs. So I decided to do a little experiment while in the shower to see if using the scrub before vs. after made any difference. The result wasn't that shocking but there was definitely a difference. The leg where I used the scrub prior to shaving was much smoother than the leg where I used the scrub after shaving. 

(Sugar scrubs provide moisture as opposed to salt scrubs that pull moisture out of the skin. Salt scrubs should be used prior to shaving  your legs and not after. Just think about putting salt into an open wound... Not a good feeling.)

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