Barbie 50th Anniversary Celebration and Convention!

I was so excited to learn the other day that the 50th Anniversary Celebration for Barbie was going to be kicked off in the nation's capital, Washington DC! Basically at my door step. For years I was an avid doll collector and what little girl didn't have Barbies?!? Unlike my friends who only wanted to play with them and dress them up, I wanted to just keep mine in the box and look at them in all their glory. I used to even dust my boxes off and yell at people to not touch them. One damaged box meant the value decreased!

Anyway, there has been a week long convention here, and this Saturday (tomorrow) there will be exhibits open to the public. It will be the largest Barbie sales floor ever! There will be vendors from all around the country and you can purchase both new and old Barbies.

I looked online at the souvenirs that will be available for purchase and they are just too cute! There were so many things that I wanted but I have limited myself to a t-shirt and 2 pins. The exhibit is from 9a-3p and the admission is only $7. I haven't been this excited and felt child like in quite some time. Hopefully I will have pictures to show and post.

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