Lovin/Hatin 002

Second edition...here we go: Currently I am.....

  • MUFE HD liquid foundation
  • DuWop Bronzerush in "August"
  • NARS lip lacquer in "Chelsea Girl"
  • NARS blush in "Outlaw". It shows up on me so much better than "Orgasm".
  • Being a member of "The Glossy Posse" (details later)
  • The fact that I registered for classes and will be pursuing my masters starting next month!
  • Going to NYC this weekend to be "glossy" and do a little shopping
  • My boyfriend. He's the best and makes me smile and laugh all the time.
  • Being a big sister. Been putting in some QT with my 9 yr old brother and I can tell he appreciates it.
  • My skin has cleared up
  • I found out there is a new Gucci outlet in the outlets not too far from my home. Must make a trip out of it soon.


  • The fact that I was so in love with the MUFE HD foundation but because I'm in between colors I have to get to and spend $80+
  • Still hating my nails. The ridges post acrylic still haven't grown out and I haven't picked up my Nailtique kit yet.
  • Still hating my eyebrows. I'm trying to let them grow back so I can start getting them threaded again but the in between is killing me. I hate ungroomed brows.
  • I haven't had a pool/beach day yet.
  • I'm too tired to do laundry when I get home but I'm almost running out of clothes so I will have to wash EVERYTHING.


Pretty in Pink said...

You have to pick up the Nailtiques!! It will save your nails, I promise!

JINX said...

you have amazing style...i love what you bring to fashion