ANTM Gripe!

Ok this is just a general rant. I can't get it off my mind. I know that this cycle of America's Next Top Model is supposed to be for the vertically challenged beauties of the world, and being a whopping 5'3" myself I can greatly appreciate this. What I don't appreciate and I don't understand is why Tyra is making them always wear flats. Am I the only one who has noticed this? It MUST be something written in the contract for appearances to emphasize the fact that they are petite and short. 

With all the talk they do at pan about appearing taller and the odds are against them, why would you MAKE them look that much shorter. I'm small but damn it when I put my heels on you can't tell me I'm not 5'9".  When they approach the judges at panel week after week, challenge after challenge they are in front of the industries elite. Why not allow them to put their best heel forward and appear taller?!?

We all know they are short. But why make them look that way? Tyra stresses in panel week after week that they need to make themselves appear taller...DAMN IT WEAR HEELS. 

This is just my opinion and I had to get that off my 5'3" frame. 


Rai said...

Yea, I noticed they are always wearing flats as well.

n_vizion said...

I think Tyra is trying to force them to look taller even without the use of heals be elonging their necks and such.

Actually, I don't know the answer. I was trying to think of something intelligent to respond with. Not sure if it worked....