Couture Video: Keri Hilson "Breaking Point"

Keri Hilson looks absolutely stunning in this video. The melody is little old school which I love. Its giving me a bit of a doo wop feel to enhance the song and its delivery.

Men can't just keep doing wrong over and over again. Our love has a limit and we definitely have a breaking point...

Gentlemen...every woman has a breaking point and her love definitely has a limit. We can only take so much before we have to be done with you and move on. I think often times womena are too worried about losing him and they tend to lose themself. But once they realize that a bit of them is missing there is no more hope for him. Atleast it should be this way.

I write this to say women shouldn't lose themself in a relationship. Its one thing to grow and mature. Its another thing to completely change who you are and lose a sense of yourself.

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