Fab Find! Forever21 Single Sleeve Dress


Even though I don't wear dresses that often, whenever I'm shopping online the first tab I always go to is dresses. When it's an option I then click to sort the items by price starting with the low prices. I always go to what's least expensive or on sale first. Its just the way I am.

While on Forever21's site today I quickly came across a really great find. I don't like to shop there often, but sometimes you can find some really cute and trendy pieces. You should never spend a lot of money on trends because you're only going to wear them for a short amount of time. I do, however, sometimes frequent F21 to get very plain basics that I can add my own couture little touches to make it look like a million bucks.

Here is what I found today. The perfect little one shoulder club dress. And get this, it's only $10.50! For this price I would get all 3 colors and just accessorize it to my liking. Simple clean lines and make it your own. I couldn't believe that the dress is currently available in my size in all 3 colors. This makes this purchase so tempting!

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