Books Are The New Black

I absolutely j'adore reading books. There is nothing like the written word that can take you away to a place. Whether its a text book or a book for leisure I just really love reading and learing while I'm doing so. I've been trying to find time with regular work and grad school to read things for pleasure but still learn.

On a trip to Anthropologie I fell in love with their selection of fashion books. My roommate bought me a book for my birthday and I used it as my reading material on the plane on my trip to Miami that I took just a few days later.

When I returned from my trip I went into Urban Outfitters and stumbled upon even more books. How was I missing out on all these couture literary treasures? I went and bought 3 more fashion books. Clearly this is my new thing. Books are the new black! My goal is to start a couture library full of nothing but fashion and beauty books to not only educate myself but serve as an eternal reference of style and beauty.

Here are the books that I got!

What are some fashion books that you enjoy reading? Share with me. I'd love to hear.

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