Pixie Dust. What's Your Color?

Pixie Dust- (noun) the essence of a person that cannot be substantially seen or felt. effects of the dust may vary but immediate responses to incur. dust distribution is not intentional yet it occurs naturally through encounters.

I first heard of pixie dust from my good friend Chezia who uses it quite often. She's always got some in her pocket and I've seen plenty of spells be put on helpless men...and women for that matter. No one is safe when pixie dust is in the air!

While pixie dust does not have a specified color, there are certain colors that you can wear to turn your pixie dust on full blast and hit people with the one two punch! A pixie dust color is a color that you wear and look absolutely ravishing in. You captivate a room as soon as you walk in and get compliments from everyone. I would like to note that a pixie dust color will not always be your favorite color. One of my favorite colors is green but it's not my pixie dust color.

I personally have 3 pixie dust colors. They are: Coral, Yellow and Cobalt Blue. They compliment my skin tone very well and I get compliments from both sexes every time I wear them.

So what's your pixie dust color? Is it one of your favorite colors or something that just works for you? Let me know!


Anonymous said...

"Not only am I the Creator of Pixie Dust, I use it too!" Lol (Think Hair Club for Men Commercial)

I've decided that my Pixie Dust Color Is Purple & Not Because It's One Of My Favorite Colors. While I Must Say Various Shades Of Purple Garments Look Fabulous On Me, It Also Makes Me Feel Outstanding Inside. The Secret Is... For Pixie Dust To Work Effectively (Because Its ALWAYS Working) It Must Exist Within.

*Blows Dust After Exiting*


Candice Olivia said...

Oh how I love thee my fellow CC. I must say you are rather ravishing and regal in purple. Definitely your pixie dust color.